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Two Loves

By Justin Toyer, Show Wright

It has been fun getting to know the “First Man on Earth.”  While working on this role I realized that Adam, although a man, is in fact an unblemished child.  He knew no wrong, only that there was one forbiddance.  His Father basically left him two responsibilities: praise (to his pops) and staying away from the Tree of Knowledge.  Simple, right?

Then, God goes and throws a wrench into his own plans.  This is when Adam meets Eve. It’s crazy: God knew this wouldn’t work but thought, “Ah, here you go boy…good luck.”  Adam praised his Father even more for caring enough to give him a partner to go through the maze of life with.  This is when the second Love was established, the first being the love and admiration for his Father.

Adam had to make a choice.  He risked it all and extended himself over the boundary, that his Father had set.  He chose the latter of the Loves.  In his honesty he professed that he chose Eve, because in choosing one of his Dad’s creations, he was still praising him.

Peace and Love,



Jen Czechowski

Master of Market at Sweet Tea Shakespeare