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Trial by Fire

By Hanna Lafko, Stage Wright

When I signed on for Romeo and JuliLIT at the end of August, I was jumping back into the theatre world after a decently long hiatus. For that show, the stage management was surprisingly simple, and I got to make fake Tinder profiles. How could I go wrong?! However, I knew that Antony and Cleopatra was going to be a completely different animal.

When we sat through the first read-through, you could clearly tell who had been involved with one of the prior Lit shows. There were plenty of learning curves to get used to: making sure I was communicating with everyone, knowing everyone’s schedules, and wearing as many hats as possible. (Also learning how to properly disarm an alarm system so the cops wouldn’t be called was a fun thing to learn.) Jeremy was super helpful throughout production and rehearsals.

The nights that I couldn’t sleep because of the level of stress paid off last week. Knowing that we sold out opening night was nerve-wracking. Being in WoCo in front of a sold out audience was the first time I had been on stage since high school. But the overwhelming love I have for this cast and crew pushed me to be daring enough to go through with it.

The joy this show has filled me with completely makes up for the stress that I endured through rehearsals. I look forward to what the rest of the season has in store for me. As Medina [Demeter, who plays Octavius Caesar] said about a month into rehearsals, this show has been “a trial by fire.” Here’s hoping that the rest of the season will be smooth sailing.

Jen Czechowski

Master of Market at Sweet Tea Shakespeare