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The World and Its Trappings

By July 6, 2015January 12th, 2022No Comments

By Jessica Osnoe, Assistant Artistic Director and Master of Education

One of my favorite things about Sweet Tea Shakespeare is that the artists involved in a production have a share in creating both the world you see on stage and the trappings (costumes, props, set pieces) which help make it real. The moments during rehearsal or dedicated workdays when such things happen have become some of my favorite times. It’s during these days, like one last week when I sat in a sewing circle attaching suspenders buttons to costume pants, that I got to talk with cast mates and laugh as we figured out what we were doing, often by trial and error.

This process is both endearing and gracious; it provides an opportunity to grow as we solve problems together and allows people to learn how to make and do things. In such an atmosphere, it’s easy to laugh at our own mistakes and appreciate how we learn with others to translate an idea into reality. For me, there is an implicit trust in such actions that acknowledges my fellows as family; we grow and learn both with and from each other, sharing ideas, help and laughter in turn.

If you have experience sewing on buttons, or would like to learn more about it or any of our design/tech elements, please visit

Jessica Osnoe