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The Way of the World Audio Drama Pt 3

Brought  to you by Sweet Tea Shakespeare, this is THE WAY OF THE WORLD – an  audio drama presented in five acts. You are listening to Act 3.
About the play: London, 1700. When the hottest playboy in town falls  in love with a  free-spirited heiress, high society has a lot to say  about it. Scheming  aristocrats, catty ex-girlfriends, country bumpkins,  and a tyrannical  matriarch threaten their romance from all sides. Will  the bickering  lovers get their happily ever after? Or will gossip, greed, and jealousy win the day? Featuring iconic characters and some  of the wittiest  dialogue ever written, this audio drama of Congreve’s  beloved  Restoration comedy is brought to life by actors from across the  United  States.
The Way of the World audio drama was directed by Sweet Tea  Shakespeare’s  Assistant Artistic Director, Claire F. Martin, Staged Managed by Amanda  M. Rogus, and produced by Sweet Tea  Shakespeare. Editing & Original Score by Wesley Johnson. Lyndsey Turner consulted.
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The show is produced by Claire Martin and Jeremy Fiebig and edited by Ashanti Bennett.
Jen Pommerenke and Julie Schaefer also assisted with this episode.
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This project is supported by the Arts Council in part by  contributions from businesses and individuals, and through grants from  the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and the North Carolina Arts  Council, a division of the Department of Natural & Cultural  Resources.
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