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Experience A Journey through Life with Live Music + Storytelling + Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s Signature Sprinkle of Shared Experience

What Does it Mean to be Human?

Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s evocative speech about the Seven Ages of Man in “As You Like It,” The Seven Ages Speakeasy travels through the poignant journey of human existence, from the first cry to the closing sigh. This is a One-Night Only Showcase Event on Saturday, October 14 at TapHouse at Huske, 411 Hay Street in Fayetteville .

this isn’t your traditional Shakespeare; imagine an eclectic fusion of a live radio show, an intimate concert, and a cozy gathering with friends.

Underpinning this tale is the talent and passion of the artists, with scenes both freshly conceived and familiar, creating a tapestry of life’s highs and lows. The Sweet Tea Shakespeare house band lends its melodic touch, making the journey an auditory delight as well.

Language Warning. Intended for Mature Audiences. 

Events in Fayetteville NC | The Seven Ages Speakeasy | Fayetteville NC | Live Theatre Fayetteville NC | 2023 Sweet Tea Shakespeare

In a world constantly changing and challenging the essence of human connection, “The Seven Ages Speakeasy” offers a timely respite. It’s a celebration of life in all its stages and a reflection on the roles we each play. Our approach is not merely to showcase a play, but to provide a space for introspection, connection, and shared humanity.

Mark your calendars for October 14, 2023, and join us at the TapHouse at Huske for an evening that promises to be as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

Roaring Twenties costumes invited! Come decked out in your best speakeasy-meets-Gatsby look for a night of song and swill.



This play contains:
* Mature Language

PG-13 Rated

Additional questions regarding content can be directed to


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This is a Pick Your Price performance. All tickets will get you the same access and experience. We simply believe that STS should be accessible to all, so you may select the ticket pricing option that works best for you.


The TapHouse at Huske is accessible, with handicap parking, and standard width doors for entry. Restrooms are available. Audience seating is on folding chairs; cushions are available for rent (free for Patreon Members). You’re welcome to bring your own cushions.

Contact Information

Call 910-420-4384 (available 1 hour prior to the performance until 30 minutes into the performance) or email


This production is sponsored by a grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County, with funding from the NC Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Sweet Tea Shakespeare gathers diverse communities around a common table to delight in the magic of story, song, and stagecraft.

Events in Fayetteville NC | The Seven Ages Speakeasy | Fayetteville NC | Live Theatre Fayetteville NC | 2023 Sweet Tea Shakespeare
Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a theatre & music company based in Fayetteville NC. We also do Shakespeare in Raleigh NC, Shakespeare in Sanford NC, Shakespeare in Elizabethtown NC. We do occasional musical theatre. We do school performances. We have a drunk Shakespeare series called LIT. We have a young company called Green Tea.