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The Sea Voyage: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be a Pirate…

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a pirate. Ok, so maybe not in the historical sense of bandits sailing the open seas with survey and bad hygiene, but more like the fictional characters having the occasional harmless sword fight, traveling to tropical places, and searching for buried treasure. And don’t forget the costumes. Haven’t we all dreamed of adventure at one time or another? 

Well, I certainly did not become a pirate. The closest I get is when my husband and I dress as pirates for Halloween sometimes. But the call of adventure is still there. I still hope I can be a pirate someday. For right now, I will settle for stage managing a bunch of young budding actors masquerading  as pirates and amazons in our upcoming production of John Fletcher and Philip Massinger’s The Sea Voyage

Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s youth theatre company, Green Tea, is partnering with Chameleon Children’s Theatre to bring you The Sea Voyage. Auditions are open through February 12th, so if you know any “green” youth actors who dream of being pirates, help us spread the word. Either way, we hope you will join us for the adventure. Come dream of being a pirate with me.

Peace, Love, and Shakespeare,


Jessie Wise