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By Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton

What is an only child to do when their wealthy father won’t allow them to marry the woman they love? Provide the father with a “less desirable” option, of course. What follows is an intricate and questionable plan to feign love for the notorious gender non-conforming, outspoken, fighting, “thief”: Moll, the “roaring girl.” With the help of some scheming, a bit of absurdity, and Moll’s steadfast good heart, townsfolk, and aristocrats alike begin to challenge, question, and confront the gender roles of their society, and the assumptions that come with them. Originally printed in 1611, this modern adaptation of Middleton and Dekker’s comedy features a cast of actors and artists, all of underrepresented genders, from all over the country, coming together to bring to life this hilarious clash of strong-willed characters.

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The Roaring Girl