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A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Audio Drama All Parts

Welcome to our podcast of Shakespeare’s beloved A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Featuring a terrific cast and production team, this production was originally slated as a live, in person production in the spring of 2020. As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on, it transitioned into our first audio drama released in October 2020.


Production Team

Director: Molly Malone
Music Director: Sarah Chapman/Gabe Terry
Stage Manager: Gabe Terry
Prod. Coordinator: David Hoyer
Costumer: Dena Vassey
Props: Joyce Borum
Mendelssohn Arranger: Owen Eddy
Resident Music Director: Jake French
Featured Musicians: Sarah Chapman, Jonathan Breitzer, Nelson Soliva, Mia Sgambellone-Rose, Evan Bridenstine


(with their Venmo and/or CashApp tags, in case you want to send them a tip):
Nathan Pearce as Bottom | Venmo: @Nathan-Pearce-14
Traycie Kuhn-Zapata as Helena
Mia Sgambellone-Rose as Mustardseed
Judson Clark as Demetrius
Cerina Johnson as Titania/Hippolyta
Saki Marie Harp as Lysander | Venmo: @saki.marie
Evan Bridenstine as Theseus/Oberon
Shelton Burkart as Snout/Cobweb
Gabe Terry as Quince/Egeus
Christine Orozco as Fairy
Tayler Cox as Moth
Taj Allen as Philostrate/Robin/Puck
Jessie Wise as Flute/Peaseblossom
Laurel Moran as Hermia
David Hoyer as Snug


Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours | A Midsummer Night’s Dream Pt. 2

Brought to you by Sweet Tea Shakespeare, this full cast reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Part 2 was directed by Molly Malone and produced by Artistic Director, Jeremy Fiebig, and Assistant Artistic Director, Claire Martin.
Cast List:
Nathan Pearce, Bottom
Traycie Kuhn-Zapata, Helena
Mia Sgambellone-Rose, Mustardseed (& Music)
Jane Moran, Starveling/Second fairy
Judson Clark, Demetrius
Cerina Johnson, Hippolyta/Titania
Saki Marie Harp, Lysander
Evan Bridenstine, Theseus/Oberon
Shelton Burkart, Snout/Cobweb
Gabe Terry, Quince/Egeus
Christine Orozco, Fairy
Tayler Cox, Moth
Taj Allen, Philostrate/ Robin/Puck
Jessie Wise, Flute/Peablossom
Laurel Moran, Hermia
David Hoyer, Snug
Thank you to our crew:
Prod. Coordinator: David Hoyer | Stage Manager: Gabe Terry | Costumer: Dena Vassey | Props: Joyce Borum | Mendelssohn Arranger: Owen Eddy | Music Director: Sarah Chapman/Gabe Terry | Resident Music Director: Jake French | Musicians: Sarah Chapman, Jonathan Breitzer, Nelson Soliva, Mia Sgambellone-Rose, Evan Bridenstine, and the entire cast on certain songs
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The show is produced by Claire Martin and Jeremy Fiebig and edited by Ashanti Bennett.
Jen Pommerenke and Julie Schaefer also assisted with this episode.
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