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Better Know a Venue: Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Much of the action of LITsummer takes place in the forest, so what could be more appropriate than seeing it in a garden? And not just any garden–Fayetteville’s fixture for flora, Cape Fear Botanical Garden. Taryn Hughes, CFBG’s marketing manager, answered some questions about this local favorite.

What makes Cape Fear Botanical Garden a great place to see a show?

Cape Fear Botanical Garden is the best place to see a show because of the beautiful natural backdrops our venue has to offer. Shakespeare was historically performed in outside theaters, so the Garden is the perfect place to reconnect with the history of seeing a Shakespearean play.

What is your favorite event you’ve held?

We have several wonderful events. One of my personal favorites is Homegrown Arts Festival. We bring local, “homegrown” Fayetteville artists into the Garden to showcase their work. We hope to grow it every year to include all forms of art! It’s a wonderful feeling seeing the community support their local artists and to see the artists support each other too.

What made you decide to host another LIT performance?

We decided to host another LIT performance because we love to support the arts. We think the LIT series is a wonderful, quirky event Fayetteville offers, and we want to be a part of it!

What draws people to the Garden?

The Garden offers engaging cultural events to inspire and excite, educational activities to energize, and peaceful spots to refresh. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

Host to any special occasion, our lovely Wyatt Visitors Pavilion Complex is the perfect complement to our Garden and the venue for weddings, business and military functions, workshops and more. Guests can stroll along our scenic river trail with water views, take in a guided tour, relax on our patio overlooking the Cypress Pond, and take home the perfect gift from our destination gift shop.

The mission of Cape Fear Botanical Garden is to transform people’s relationship with plants and the natural world.  We look forward to your visit!

LITsummer will be at Cape Fear Botanical Garden on November 16 and 17. Click here for tickets!  

Better Know a Venue: Leclair’s General Store

Leclair’s General Store is new to Fayetteville and to LIT. It’s a great place to get coffee, meet friends, and buy cool stuff. I talked to Patrick, the proprietor of Leclair’s, to find out what makes it special.

Where did the idea for Leclair’s General Store come from?

It came from the old fashioned general store: you know, the Norman Rockwell kind of scene of old-fashioned Americana, which used to be around in the early 1900s through about the 1950s and sort of went away.

But I started to see a lot of photos of these really cool general stores. If you Google “general store,” you see lots of photos of these really cool stores with just a mix of products. And I said, “Well, what if I could pick out the products that still felt relevant but had that charm and that vibe. And then we were like, let’s put things in that we know people like. The old-fashioned general stores might have carried medicines, soaps, feed, seed, but the new general store would have the stuff that people love now–your favorite products from today, and then some from yesterday.Read More