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Spontaneity and Sass

By Alexcia Thompson, Hermia in LITsummer 

When I heard that Sweet Tea was having auditions for Hermia in LITsummer, I was ecstatic! The audition process was quick and casual due to the welcoming nature and efficiency of the Sweet Tea team, and I was extremely happy when I received the message that I made the show. I had casually admired the company’s Facebook and YouTube page from afar. I really appreciate the fun way they approach classical texts.

However, after a few hours, fear set in. I had never done a show like this before. Improv doesn’t come naturally to me, and I was so nervous about how the process would pan out. I like to know what I say before I say it. I like to think of all the possibilities before I make a move. This type of thinking can prove to be quite difficult for a successful improv experience. The show is meant to be full of spontaneity and sass.

To align my spirit and channel productive energies before the show I would listen to music, rehearse my lines, and think about what I could do better than the day before. It was through this process that I learned to relax and trust my instincts. This company made that process an enjoyable one. They create a comfortable environment for actors to explore our creative abilities. In doing so, we feel secure and confident enough to respond to challenges that might arise. Through this process, we’re able to build community amongst each other and have fun. I had an amazing experience watching comedic gags grow out of small moments. Being a part of this show was an amazing experience that I never knew I needed, and I am grateful for such an enriching opportunity.

Jen Czechowski

Master of Market at Sweet Tea Shakespeare