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Something Magical

By Brandon S. Bryan, Company Member and Master of Stage

Everyone loves magic. There remains- even in today’s culture of technological miracles- an inner yearning to witness magic in action. It’s an unexplainable desire to know that there is something special about our world.

Personally I believe that there is magic in the world we live in, and it is actually far more commonplace than many recognize. I get to see it every day here at Sweet Tea Shakespeare, specifically during rehearsals for The Tempest. I’m not just speaking about the illusions and conjurer’s tricks that are inherent to the play, although there’s plenty of that. There is something definitely magical about the honesty of Shakespeare’s words spoken on stage, a kind of empathy that spans literal centuries, brought to life here and now by a modern company of players.

For over a year now I have played with STS, and right from the start I’ve been of the opinion that we don’t sell plays, we sell magic. Between the outdoor, sunset-setting, the brilliance and honesty of the actors, and the close proximity we give our audience, it’s nigh impossible to not be swept up in the almost supernatural storytelling and find yourself transported to another world.

And now we find ourselves performing a show that is unapologetically magical. If you’ve never been to a STS production, this is the one to see. If you are familiar with our work, expect everything to be kicked up a notch. The Tempest is guaranteed to be a fantastic, and yes, a magical show.