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Soldier, Actor by Jamonte Williams 

I have been a fan of Sweet Tea Shakespeare since the first production that I saw, Romeo and JuliLIT. After seeing that, I wanted to be part of this organization any way I could. As a soldier in the U.S Army, I felt like the only way I could be part of Sweet Tea was to be an audience member whenever I had the time. When I got the opportunity to be part of Songs for a New World, I hopped on the bandwagon without asking the driver any questions. I was ecstatic to work with actors and actresses I’ve seen over the past years I’ve been in Fayetteville. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but doing a job that I am passionate about doesn’t feel like work.

I knew that balancing my obligations as a service member and an actor was going to be a challenge, but I did not want my job to be my excuse for any reason. It turned out that I was worried about nothing; I got the lucky end of the stick. My obligation and duty as a serviceman did not conflict at all with the rehearsal and performance schedule. Leaving rehearsal late and waking up for PT early in the morning is the only issue, but I don’t mind because I’m doing what I love. It’s incredible working with a group of like-mind individuals who all have the love for the arts. I am surrounded by an impressive cast that is patient and understanding. I couldn’t ask for better actors to be part of my first Sweet Tea show. My advice for any other servicemember who wants to be part of a Sweet Tea production is to hop on the bandwagon. The ride is smooth, and the people are welcoming.

Jen Czechowski

Master of Market at Sweet Tea Shakespeare