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Rehearsing in Shakespeare’s World

By Reagan Carstens, Environments Wright

Rehearsals for As You Like It have begun. Rehearsal is the part of my day where I focus only on the script in front of me and I step into another person’s shoes; I am completely relaxed. I will be playing Celia in As You Like It. She is imaginative, loyal, and definitely has her share of devilish humor. Much of playing her comes naturally. That being said, the rehearsal process isn’t just used to run lines and block exits and entrances. I am able to experiment with my character, who, I discover throughout the process, may be different from what I initially thought. This discovery comes from working hard to connect with my fellow cast mates during scene work, marking accents and studying language in the text, and even interpreting what my breathing patterns mean. Things like this might seem funny to others, but the “weird” things are often what make a great play.