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Playing Well With Others

Nathan Pearce: Master of Dispatch (Solanio, Old Gobbo)


Playing more than character can be a challenge, especially when accomplishing this feat in Shakespeare. But, fortunately, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some extremely talented actors. Two people in particular have been essential in creating two completely different roles.

Michael Thrash, who plays Salarino to my Solanio, has been a joy to work with. Whether we are telling the audience about events that have happened offstage using puppets or having serious moments talking about our dear friend Antonio, Michael has made each scene extremely easy to play with.

Izzy Burger, who is diving into Sweet Tea for the first time, plays my son Launcelet and makes her self right at home in this hilarious role. While I’m only in one scene with her, it’s probably one of my favorites. We’ve had a blast making each laugh, as well as on-lookers. I can only hope that this isn’t the only time we will be working together (actually, I already know that we will be sharing the stage again in July’s Measure for Measure).

Comedy is all about timing. With two amazing actors to work off of, there is never a worry that our time isn’t being well spent.