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Perks of Participation

From Reba Fox, who plays Jessica in The Merchant of Venice
Me being a senior in High School and being apart of Sweet Tea is a really incredible thing. For example: acing a test on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice without having to study was pretty nice. All I had to do was work on the play and my character and pay attention in rehearsals which was pretty cool. So Sweet Tea helps High Schoolers in multiple ways.
Jessica is a really interesting character. Would you leave behind the only life you knew to be with someone who fell in love with by meeting them only once? Well Jessica does. When you first meet her, I feel like you think she is just some teenager who wants what she wants because she wants it. However, the more you see her, the more you see her reasons behind what she does. You see that she is human and is actually very fun-loving and carefree. Also, something I find really interesting is that the way Lorenzo and Jessica meet is never known. When you meet them, it’s almost like you’re picking up from another story-their happy ending. So you, as an actor get to create a whole backstory and that has been a really fun thing to work out with the actor who plays Lorenzo.
I really think that the song I sing “Come Away with Me” is a perfect song for Jessica, because she is obviously singing to Lorenzo. It’s something I imagine she might have written while out on her balcony after they snuck out together. “Bad Blood” is wonderful because of how well it portrays her relationship with her father after she leaves. When she leaves she creates a divide between them that won’t heal. So it is a great song to describe what happens between them.
I love playing Jessica and I find her to be a very happy person who is strong willed and knows what she wants. I admire her for that, she is a joy to get to know. Hopefully you’ll love her just as much as I do.
Can’t wait for you to watch the magic come to life! Bring all your friends and have the biggest laughs and the most fun you’ve had in years. The more the merrier!