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Pericles By William Shakespeare

Join us for one of Shakespeare’s most adventure-filled plays! Travel along with Prince Pericles on his sailing journey as he flees Antioch in an attempt to save himself from the vengeful and murderous King Antiochus. Chased by King Antiochus’s assassins, while facing rough seas and violent storms, Prince Pericles tries to hide by traveling all around the ancient Greek world until he is shipwrecked in Pentapolis, a fair city with an even fairer King’s daughter: Thaisa (pronounced Ty-eesa). Pericles immediately falls in love and marries Thaisa, but it is not happily-ever-after as many more trials and storms await the couple. Pericles, Prince of Tyre is a love story wrapped in thrilling adventure, complete with pirates, kidnaping, narrow escapes, and the constant threat of peril, as Pericles and Thaisa seek the safety only a stable family, home, and land can provide.

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Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a theatre & music company based in Fayetteville NC. We also do Shakespeare in Raleigh NC, Shakespeare in Sanford NC, Shakespeare in Elizabethtown NC. We do occasional musical theatre. We do school performances. We have a drunk Shakespeare series called LIT. We have a young company called Green Tea.