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Press & Audience Response

Up & Coming Weekly, Dec 2019
“Sweet Tea Shakespeare is adding a new flavor to its productions this year. It’s bringing “Macbeth” to the Cumberland County community

Up & Coming Weekly, Jun 2018
“Over the years, Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s outdoor performances have become a summer staple in Fayetteville

Jared writes
“I highly recommend Sweet Tea Shakespeare. I’ve now been to about 8 shows over the last couple years and have enjoyed every one of them.” –Facebook

Khaki writes
“Sweet Tea is incredibly earnest in their enjoyment of Shakespeare’s plays. They use minimalistic sets, accompany the plays with musical performances, and make good use of doubling, all of which lend to the authenticity of the 17th century play experience.” –Facebook

Bill writes
“Sweet Tea Shakespeare put on a wonderful show last night! This is not boring Shakespeare! I have never felt so welcome with a group of people.” –Facebook

Trip Advisor
“Great show. Talented actors and musicians. Visually appealing with creativity and simplicity. STS is a jewel for the city of Fayetteville. Treat yourself and go. Go often.”
“Attending a production by Sweet Tea Shakespeare is an experience I would recommend to any who live in Fayetteville and have yet to do so and any who are visiting Fayetteville. I loved everything about it, from the relaxed atmosphere to the actual performances themselves. The actors are also super friendly, which is a reason by itself to attend a performance.”

Had a lot of fun. Small, cozy, and intimate community feel. You’re right there with the actors and they often engage the audience. Felt like we were right there, playing with the actors, alongside other friendly audience comrades, under a large tent/fort, within a beautiful church building, with large ceilings and other classic architecture, sitting on pillows or propped up chairs, just like when were kids.
I’m not even a huge Shakespeare fan, but this group had me laughing and entertained throughout the entire performance! So much talent here.”


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