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Friends and Supporters,
Gosh, do we have some exciting news at Sweet Tea Shakespeare. Firstly, our longtime friends, Charisa Carstens-Potter and Nick Potter, are MATCHING every new and upgraded Patreon pledge to a total of $2000. Their match will be a one-time gift.
Charisa and Nick have been very friendly to STS over the years, and this is another sign of their lovely and heartfelt support of our work. Please spread the word far and wide so that we can maximize their gift as we enliven and grow our Patreon community. Patreon pledges of ANY size help, but we really see a difference at $5 or more a month.
Do the thing at Patreon.
You may remember our company member, Reagan Carstens (Perdita, Octavia, and way more), who is a family member of Charisa and Nick, and who has gone on to great things at the NC School of the Arts.
Secondly, the big, big, big news.
We’re getting a new playhouse — and it will serve as the anchor for a long term plan to put down roots in our community. Modeled after the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse facade, our new playhouse is sturdy, with two playing levels. This lovely structure has been part of the ASC’s national tour for the last few years.

Some of you may know that our open-air setup often requires that we set up and take down our playhouse and loads of other equipment each night. On average, one of our artists will show up at 5pm and spring to complete setup by 6:30pm, just in time to change clothes briefly before a 6:45pm preshow. Once our play wraps up around 9:45pm each night, we have another 45 minutes to an hour of strike. By bringing another playhouse into the mix, we save our people hundreds of hours of labor over the course of a run. this new playhouse will stay in place outside at our venues while our current, more portable, playhouse covers our rain venue. Some of you may remember our many nights dodging raindrops as we moved from one location to our rain-proof backup.
This new playhouse is a kindness to our artists for this reason, but it’s so much more than that — it’s an anchor piece for our efforts to put down roots and build a home base in the Fayetteville area. Those folks who’ve followed STS closely know we LOVE our venues and also look forward to the stability of our own place. We see the playhouse as an anchor piece in doing that. As a sturdily built, semi-permanent piece of architecture, the playhouse can travel with us for now, but eventually serve as a part of our permanent home within a few short years. We plan to match this playhouse with a set of risers we acquired from the acclaimed New York City company, BEDLAM, last year, for a pop-up playhouse that can eventually become part of a permanent home when we find the right patch of land, great found space, beautiful barn, or welcome warehouse.
Here’s where we need you. Sweet Tea Shakespeare relies on supporters of all stripes to sustain our efforts in magic-making. What we’re asking is for each person who’s enjoyed the wonder of a Sweet Tea experience in the last few years to step up with a one of those new or upgraded monthly pledges on Patreon (with the Potters’ lovely match!) or to make a one-time contribution to our Dollar Bill Y’all campaign today as we look to create a firm foundation for the new playhouse — and beyond.
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We’d love it if you can share this news with everyone in your circles, especially those with even the slightest flutter in their heart for our work.
We are ever grateful for your support.

David Hoyer