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Love Can Make You Do Weird Things

By January 7, 2016January 9th, 2022No Comments

Tohry Petty, Master of Gift

What would you do for love? And what effect does that love have on you? Questions like these echo in the minds of our friends in As You Like It.

Would you leave home for your best friend? Would you disguise who you are to protect yourself and your family? How about using that same disguise to help your true love become the best version of themselves? What about giving your heart to the one you love only to watch them throw your poor heart away? What will love – or the lack of love – allow you to do for friends, lovers, family or strangers?

The amazing thing that we find — in life and in As You Like It — is that love can inspire you to do wondrous, strange things. What’s been exciting for me as we develop the characters you’ll see in Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s production of As You Like It is how our actors let that power of love guide their characters and witnessing them translate the effects of that love to tell this story. And what a beautiful story it is.

I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it. (AYLI, Act 2 Scene 4)

I hope you’ll join us for the magic, wonder and beauty that exists in the Forest of Arden during Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s production of As You Like It, opening TONIGHT at Marquis Market in Downtown Fayetteville.

Bring someone you love.

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