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The LIT Players take on Classic Tales with Women at the Center of the Stories

LIT is Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s irreverent celebration of classic tales — over drinks. It’s a party, where a play breaks out. Come early for rocking preshow music, tons of audience engagement, and plays like you’ve never seen them before.

In LITtle Women & Other Stories… As a young writer tries to finish her novel by the deadline, which happens to be tonight, she looks to the audience for guidance in this choose your own adventure rom-com. As the novel unfolds with twists and turns at every corner the audience will help them fall in love…or maybe not.

Written by Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s own Traycie Kuhn-Zapata.

Join us! (ages 18+ only)

June 20-22 at The Arts Council of Fayetteville, 301 Hay Street in downtown (indoors, stairs required)
June 28-29 at Blissful Alchemist, 414 Ray Road, Fayetteville (indoors, fully accessible)

Enjoy a night of rowdy, raucous, and revelry.

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Intended for mature audiences. Elements are unscripted, improvised, and unpredictable.

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Monthly and annual members receive special advance ticket rates, complimentary tickets, complimentary ticket exchanges, stickers, totes, and other sweet merchandise, and much more. For information on becoming a Sweet Tea Shakespeare Member go to



$22: Adult
$20: Seniors
$19: Military/Gold Star
$10: Students


Stairs Required to access this venue. Basement location. Guests must be able to climb approximately 15 stairs to reach the performance space.

Restrooms are available. Audience seating is on folding chairs; cushions are available for rent (free for Patreon Members). You’re welcome to bring your own cushions.

Contact Information

Call 910-420-4384 (available 1 hour prior to the performance until 30 minutes into the performance) or email


This production is sponsored by a grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County, with funding from the NC Arts Council.


Sweet Tea Shakespeare gathers diverse communities around a common table to delight in the magic of story, song, and stagecraft.

Events in Fayetteville NC | Drunk Shakespeare | LIT Series | Live Theatre Fayetteville NC | 2024 Sweet Tea Shakespeare
Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a theatre & music company based in Fayetteville NC. We also do Shakespeare in Raleigh NC, Shakespeare in Sanford NC, Shakespeare in Elizabethtown NC. We do occasional musical theatre. We do school performances. We have a drunk Shakespeare series called LIT. We have a young company called Green Tea.