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Explore the extraordinary journey of fantasy and family + Preshow concert of Folk + Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s signature sprinkle of engaging the audience

Plays in Fayetteville NC | Events in Fayetteville NC | Stuff to Do in Fayetteville NC | 2023 | Live Music Fayetteville NC
stuff to do in Fayetteville nc | The Illusion by Tony Kushner | Sweet Tea Shakespeare | Spring 2023
The Illusion April 6 2023

Faith, fantasy, and family feature most favorably in Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s forthcoming production of The Illusion. The play, in true Shakepearean fashion, is Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner’s free adaptation of 17th century French playwright Pierre Corneille’s L’Illusion Comique.

The Illusion follows fretful father Pridamant, who, in frantic foraging for his forsaken son Clindor, finds himself a foil to Alcandre the Magician. Alcandre vows to ferret Clindor out, via invoking a vision of him from which Pridamant may discover his whereabouts. Using theatrical features such as stock characters from commedia dell’arte, the story unfolds, showing us that though much of what we see in life may turn out, in fact, to be an illusion, the journey we go on when seeing it is real.

The Illusion plays on weekends April 20-29 at Gillis Hill Farm in Fayetteville, NC (2701 Gillis Hill Rd). It’s an ideal night out with friends or family, where they’ll find themselves enjoying a playscape of faith, fantasy, and family in a warm and hospitable environment. This production is sure to delight those with a penchant for plays in Fayetteville NC; it’s the perfect event to get involved in when looking for something special to do in Fayetteville NC! Refreshments will be available on site—we invite you to join us as we explore this fantastical tale about life’s illusions together.

To purchase tickets visit or call (910) 420-4383. Visit www.sweetteashakespeare or follow us on social media for further information.

The Illusion is part of our Spring/Summer All Four One Ticket package. See all four of our shows for only $50 ($25 for students), good through the run of The Illusion.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare consistently provides one of the most unique things to do in Fayetteville — part play, part concert, part backyard barbecue under the starts — our events are magical, transformative, and fun.

Plays in Fayetteville NC | Events in Fayetteville NC | Stuff to Do in Fayetteville NC | 2023 | Live Music Fayetteville NC
stuff to do near Fayetteville nc | The Illusion by Tony Kushner | Sweet Tea Shakespeare | Spring 2023
The Illusion April 6 2023

Live Music Preshow

Most of our in-person and full-length online productions feature preshow entertainment with live music featuring our house band, The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers (also known as “WOCO”). Along with music, enjoy plenty of warm hospitality and ways to engage, from bidding on special seating, which we call “Chair Paravel,” to adorning Sweet Tea Shakespeare swag available for purchase, to yard games and activities.

J.Co Salon & Blo'Dry Bar Sweet Tea Shakespeare Sponsor
J.Co Salon & Blo’Dry Bar | Production Sponsor for The Illusion

Tickets and Memberships

All performances, whether in-person or streaming, are available via standard ticketing on our website at Sweet Tea Shakespeare Members may receive single or multiple tickets to in-person productions, depending on Membership level. Become a Sweet Tea Shakespeare Member at


Purchase tickets at

Become a Sweet Tea Shakespeare Member: Monthly and annual members receive special advance ticket rates, complimentary tickets, complimentary ticket exchanges, stickers, totes, and other sweet merchandise, and much more. For information on becoming a Sweet Tea Shakespeare Member go to

No outside food or beverages; no coolers.

Some events have age recommendations/restrictions, e.g. STS Hours have some adult language and therefore are recommended as PG-13 appropriate, LIT events are generally for adults 18+.

Changes due to inclement weather will be announced on Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s website and Facebook page at

We offer no refunds for purchased tickets for any reason. Please be aware we perform outdoors in high heat and humidity, and the chairs we provide are sometimes regular folding chairs. We always invite audience members to make adjustments for their own comfort, sight lines, and out of kindness for others. 

Free Rain Return Tickets

On outdoor performance nights where we move indoors due to rain, you can return for free to a performance of the same production later in the run by registering in advance with our box office. Subject to availability.

Contact Information

Call 910-420-4384 (available 1 hour prior to the performance until 30 minutes into the performance) or email or

Plays in Fayetteville NC | Events in Fayetteville NC | Stuff to Do in Fayetteville NC | 2023 Live Music Fayetteville NC

This event is sponsored by the Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County, with funding by the NC Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a not-for-profit theatre company and training ground inspired by Shakespeare and the early modern period in spirit and operation. Sweet Tea Shakespeare operates in Fayetteville, Raleigh, and points beyond in North Carolina.

STS gathers diverse communities around a common table to delight in the magic of story, song, and stagecraft.

STS offers plays with pre-show activities featuring live music, Sweet Tea Shakespeare variety hours, LIT traveling shows, and other miscellaneous events. Purchase tickets at

Plays in Fayetteville NC | Events in Fayetteville NC | Stuff to Do in Fayetteville NC | 2023 Live Music Fayetteville NC

Sweet Tea Shakespeare Plays provide an interactive play-going experience with live music prior to every show. Most shows feature an array of snacking and drinking options, some of which may constitute a light meal.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours include our digital audio and occasional live concerts, including a variety of our audio dramas and much more. STS Hours are experienced regularly on your favorite podcast player and sometimes in live special events. STS Hours are a community gathering of story, song, and craft. (PG-13 due to language and content)

LIT Performances are for adults, as they blend stripped-down Shakespeare plays with improv, games, and a relaxed, pub-like environment. Underage guests and anyone showing visible signs of intoxication will not be served. We maintain a friendly environment, so verbal or physical rudeness will not be tolerated. This season’s offerings include OthelLIT.

Other Events are also offered throughout the year, such as Shakespeare in the Street (downtown Fayetteville), “Behold” Lessons and Folk Carols (over Christmas), and Green Tea performances.

Plays in Fayetteville NC | Events in Fayetteville NC | Stuff to Do in Fayetteville NC | 2023 Live Music Fayetteville NC

Stuff That Happens in The Illusion

  • The Illusion is a play written by Tony Kushner, first performed in 1988.
  • The play is a modern adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s 17th-century play, L’Illusion Comique.
  • The story follows a wealthy father who hires a magician to help him find his estranged son.
  • The magician shows the father a series of illusions that reveal the son’s life over the past 18 years, including his relationships with various women.
  • The play explores themes of love, betrayal, and the power of perception to shape reality.
  • The structure of the play is non-linear, with scenes jumping back and forth in time and between different levels of reality.
  • The language of the play is poetic and often surreal, blending elements of comedy and tragedy.
  • The characters in the play are complex and multi-layered, with hidden motivations and secrets that are gradually revealed over the course of the story.
  • The Illusion is a thought-provoking and challenging play that invites audiences to question their assumptions about reality and the nature of truth.
Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a theatre & music company based in Fayetteville NC. We also do Shakespeare in Raleigh NC, Shakespeare in Sanford NC, Shakespeare in Elizabethtown NC. We do occasional musical theatre. We do school performances. We have a drunk Shakespeare series called LIT. We have a young company called Green Tea.