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This is your invitation to co-create, to belong, and to share in the joy of artistic alchemy.

Our theatre, after all, is as much yours as it is ours.

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to step into Sweet Tea. Why? Because for as long as STS has been a company, we’ve shaped ourselves around the people who join us.

While there are some common pathways into work with us — auditioning, playing music, volunteering, joining Green Tea, coming to a workshop — the sky is the limit in terms of where and how you can belong. Below are some simple ways to get started, but if one doesn’t fit you, just reach out and we’ll work with you to find a place where you belong — and where you feel well-used.


Starting at just $5/month, Patreon Membership is a simple, yet profound way to anchor your support. By subscribing, you become a continuous thread in our tapestry, allowing us to plan, dream, and create with assurance. Plus, enjoy sweet benefits of membership.


From penning beautiful pieces and harmonizing in melodies, to the intricacies of event production, tech magic, or the simple joy of poster distribution, your skills and passions can find a stage with us. There’s a role in our ensemble waiting just for you. We have tons and tons and tons of ways to plug in here. And if you don’t see your spot, just reach out, and we’ll make one.


To register for auditions, please visit our audition form here. If you would like to receive specific audition notices through email, please sign up for our mailing list. You may inquire about auditions at: You may register for auditions throughout the year.

We double and triple cast roles, so we’re interested in things like range, dexterity of language, and strength of the choices you’re making. All STS shows include live, acoustically derived music prior to the show, music during intermission, and music as part of a curtain call at the end of the show. Music selection varies by production but is generally modern music with a topical and esthetic connection to the production, with a rustic, folk, backyard-jam feel. Music and dance are required of all STS actors, though we are generally sensitive to your current skill level.  If music is part of your skill base – please share that with us! We seek musicians who can play almost any instrument, with special emphasis on: guitar, bass (upright or electric), piano, mandolin, banjo, accordion, harmonium, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, & cello. Bring a short song, your voice, and your instrument along!

Cast sizes for our shows are extremely limited. Casts will range from as small as 6 people to as large as 10 or so. We have, on average, about 35-60 people auditioning, so you can determine your odds accordingly. One of the deciding factors will be ease of schedule. If talent and fit for characters are equal (or even sorta close), preference will be given to the most available folks.

STS actors are paid with modest stipends and travel allowances as low as $100 up to Equity minimums.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare strives to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive in all our casting choices. We encourage artists of color, artists of different abilities, and artists of all genders to audition for our productions.


We send periodic updates on our live shows, streams, programming, plus sweet treats and exclusive stuff throughout the year.

Green Tea & Little Green Tea Youth Theatre Programs

Green Tea (and its younger version, Little Green Tea) is Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s young company and enrichment program for young people. The company prides itself on making Shakespeare accessible to youth through its innovative approach that is intended to inspire creativity and introduce young people to quality theatre including an emphasis on physicality, music and text.

Green Tea works to inspire creativity and performance, introduce young people to quality theatre and build a greater understanding of the world around them.

More info on our Green Tea page.

What We Offer to Educators & Parents

Staffed by a team of highly qualified educators, STS has a history of school performances, study guide and lesson plan building, internships, workshops, and other hands-on experiences with students of all ages centered around theatre, English and language arts, history, physicality, and music.

We engage in direct audience and student interaction and imaginative staging and connection- making. We offer limited STUDENT MATINEES and plenty of workshops and assembly programs focused on access to language, live theatre, and engagement for both teachers and students.

All programs align with measurable NC learning standards.

School Performances

SCHOOL SHOWINGS are available for booking now. We typically offer two titles per year (fall and spring) of Shakespeare or Shakespeare-adjacent plays. Teachers, educational staff, faculty, and administrators may arrange tour bookings for audiences ranging from one class to an entire school or district. Sweet Tea Shakespeare can also assist with locating a venue if one is not available. School performances are extremely affordable, and funding assistance may be available. School performance bookings receive a free study guide and lesson plans crafted by STS professionals. Highly engaging workshops and guest lectures centered around the production and Shakespearean text and acting are also available. To book a school performance, or for more information, contact or call 910-420-4383.

STS is part of The Arts Council of Fayetteville & Cumberland County’s Artists in Schools Program, which provides matching subsidies and other funding for public schools in the County.


Select classrooms gain access to STS artists on a smaller scale. Workshops include activities meant to activate and empower students’ learning toward NC state learning standards and focus on language, leadership, embodiment, empathy, problem-solving, and engagement.


High school and college students and emerging professionals seeking additional experience and/or credit in theatre can earn it with Sweet Tea Shakespeare.

To apply, or more information, contact Jeremy Fiebig at  or 910-420-4383.


We offer intensive, short term, or year-long residencies with classrooms or courses, and specialize in those that can culminate in an in-class or public performance. We also offer performance coaching of plays and musicals where STS company members attend rehearsals, lead workshops, and aid in student performances.

Residencies include everything from improvisational work to deep study in the text and performance, with plenty of targeted lessons to help grow students in the discipline and as human beings. STS builds bespoke programs for each classroom situation based on principles of integrated course design.

We honor our delightful Co-producers

The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County

We proudly acknowledge our current sponsors and partners

The Capitol Encore Academy
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church



Our mailing address is:

126 Hay Street

Fayetteville, NC 28301

We perform at various locations in Fayetteville and Raleigh.

Email us at or call us at (910) 420-4383.