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By Francis Beaumont

Adapted by: Amanda M. Rogus

A theatre company’s journey takes an unexpected turn as they attempt to perform their play, THE LONDON MERCHANT. Moments after the show begins, a couple in the audience interjects as they rewrite the story to star their own son, Rafe. As the play continues, this meta-theatrical wonderment evolves into a spin on The Knight’s Tale and Love Triangle with a plot driven by adventure.

Performed February 13, 2021

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The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Love for Love

By William Congreve

After enjoying one too many nights on the town, Valentine is dead broke. When his disapproving father threatens to cut him off, Valentine devises an elaborate scheme to reclaim his inheritance. Unfortunately, his plan hinges on the fiery young heiress, Angelica, who is nowhere near convinced that Valentine wants to marry her for love. Recorded on Zoom in a single afternoon, this one-shot table read of William Congreve’s Restoration smash-hit, LOVE FOR LOVE, reunites the cast of Congreve’s THE WAY OF THE WORLD for a final encore.

Performed January 16th, 2020


 Valentine Benjamin Apple

Jeremy Bryson David Hoff

Scandal Tyrone Kiaku

Steward / Servant Julian Aikens-Helford

Tattle Jamie Sanders

Mrs. Frail Emily Garrison

Foresight Roger Lipson

Nurse Amanda M. Rogus

Angelica Claire F. Martin

Sir Sampson Legend Simon Kaplan

Mrs. Foresight Alexandra Stroud

Miss Prue Siena Brown

Ben Robbie Diaz

Jenny Sarah Duttlinger English

Buckram Timothy R. Fitch

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It’s carnival season in Naples, Italy, and Hellena wants to attend. There are just a few problems: her sister’s forbidden romance with an English soldier has put them both under house arrest and Hellena herself is promised to a nunnery. What’s a clever young lady to do? Sneak out of the house in masquerade, of course! And maybe, just maybe, fall in love. Aphra Behn’s dazzling Restoration comedy gets a modern makeover in this freely adapted audio drama, featuring actors from across North America.

Zoom Performance: November 7th, 2020

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The Rover

Samuel Coleridge believed that the three best plots in literature were Oedipus Rex, Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones, and Ben Jonson’s early modern play, The Alchemist. Set amidst a time of plague, three swindling rogues, Face, Subtle, and Doll Common, set up shop in the house of their master, who has fled from London to the country to escape the pandemic. As the cons and dupes pile up, the three try to maintain their ruses with a series of disguises, tricks, and double-crosses. Full of extravagant language, farcical action, and comic hijinks, The Alchemist was performed by The King’s Men in Shakespeare’s time, and has had many successful revivals with its combination of sharp wit and unrelenting momentum.


Hannah Adrian, Rotimi Agbabiaka, Karen Alvarado, Susan Bennett, Patrick M. Bentley, Diana Guizado, Kat Hermes, Daniel L. Keegan, James Loehlin, Katie Logan, Brett Sullivan Santry, Reagan Tankersley, Ania Upstill, David Higbee Williams.

Performed January 23, 2021

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The Alchemist

The Rover by Aphra Behn | Zoom Reading

Welcome to our Zoom production of The Rover, by Aphra Behn. Sweet Tea presented The Rover via zoom in November of 2020. This laid back recording was a workshop exploration by the cast and crew as part of the process of adapting this work as an audio drama for inclusion in The Hours podcast.

Production Team

Director/Adapter: Claire Martin
Stage Manager: Jillian Robinson
Assistant Stage Managers: Allaira Bartlett-Gray, Emma Kelly, & Amanda M. Rogus


Benjamin Apple as Belvile
William R. Bartley as Diego / Belvile’s Page / Boy
Jordan Beck as Blunt
Andreá Bellamore as Florinda
Collin Carver as Don Antonio
Edmond Clark as Sebastian / Officer / Hellena’s Page
Robbie Diaz as Don Pedro
Timothy R. Fitch as Stephano / Filippo / Soldier / Servant
Emily Garrison as Hellena
Sara Linares as Angellica Bianca
Claire F. Martin as Valeria
Jillian Robinson as Moretta
Amanda M. Rogus as Callis
Ronald Román-Meléndez as Willmore
Patrick Teed as Frederick


The Devil’s Charter by Barnabe Barnes | Zoom production

Welcome to our Zoom production of Barnabe Barnes’ bloody take on the Borgias, The Devil’s Charter, streamed live in October 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring a skilled cast and production team, this production was a part of the 2020 Bardtoberfest.

Production Team

Director: Marshall B Garrett
Composer: J. Andrew Dickenson
Stage Manager: Raul Duran
Dramaturg: Kim Greenawalt


(with their Venmo and/or CashApp tags, in case you want to send them a tip):
Evan M. Bridenstine as Pope Alexander VI
Craig Ester as Candy/Rozzi
Kaitlyn Fowler as Lucretia Borgia/Bentivoli/First Son
Glenn Thompson as Caesar Borgia
Colin Jackson as Charles/Barbarossa  |  Venmo: Colin-Jackson-32
Mia Sgambellone as Astor/Katherine  |  Venmo: $MiaSgambellone
Charlie Johnson as Astoreth
Merlyn Q. Sell as Frescobaldi/Cardinal Caraffa