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The Spanish Tragedy | Zoom Production

Welcome to our Zoom production of The Spanish Tragedy, by Thomas Kyd. Considered one of the first Early Modern revenge tragedies and an inspiration for Shakespeare’s HamletThe Spanish Tragedy was live-streamed in October of 2020. Enjoy this bloody spectacle that is by turns both an action-packed thriller and a heart-rending tragedy.

Production Team

Director: Claire Kimball
Dramaturg: Liam Daley


Patrick M. Bentley
Ian Blackwell
Brianna Goode
Kat Hermes
Lisa Hill-Corley
Tom Howley
Caroline Johnson
Bob Jones
Annette Mooney
Duane Richards
Nicole Ruthmarie
Danielle Scott
Rebecca Speas
Hannah Sweet
Joshua Williams


Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You!

Where are my fellow introverts?

Earlier this week, I was discussing with Assistant Artistic Director Claire Martin some of the ingenuity that has been birthed from necessity this year. As we discussed the recent live stream performance of The Rover she directed as part of the Digital Restoration Series. As artists, we have had to learn how to keep the integral parts of a Sweet Tea Shakespeare performance, such as audience interaction and intimate scenes over Zoom. As we talked, I was amazed to see that it was in fact possible to still integrate these elements, opening doors to new opportunities, such as working with artists from all over the globe. 

One of my favorite opportunities, as an introvert, is the ability to watch theatre from the comfort of my living room, something nearly unimaginable back in March. Shakespeare in pajamas? Count me in! Next on the docket is our filmed live action production of Shakespeare’s Knight’s Tale, otherwise known as Two Noble Kinsmen. Inspired by Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, this story follows the tale of two knights captured by Theseus, Duke of Athens, and their love for an inspiring woman of the court, Emilia. Trouble stirs when the daughter of their jailer falls in love with one of them and sets in motion a series of events that rocks the life of everyone involved. Both celebratory and serious, Knight’s Tale is a beautiful, visually inspiring, and sensory play. I had the privilege to work on this production, so I hope many will take the opportunity to watch. It really could not be any simpler. Buy your tickets, grab your snacks, put on your cozy pants, and curl up in front of the tv for a Sweet Tea Shakespeare experience in your living room. Stir up your tickets here.

Peace, Love, and Shakespeare, 


The Devil’s Charter by Barnabe Barnes | Zoom production

Welcome to our Zoom production of Barnabe Barnes’ bloody take on the Borgias, The Devil’s Charter, streamed live in October 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring a skilled cast and production team, this production was a part of the 2020 Bardtoberfest.

Production Team

Director: Marshall B Garrett
Composer: J. Andrew Dickenson
Stage Manager: Raul Duran
Dramaturg: Kim Greenawalt


(with their Venmo and/or CashApp tags, in case you want to send them a tip):
Evan M. Bridenstine as Pope Alexander VI
Craig Ester as Candy/Rozzi
Kaitlyn Fowler as Lucretia Borgia/Bentivoli/First Son
Glenn Thompson as Caesar Borgia
Colin Jackson as Charles/Barbarossa  |  Venmo: Colin-Jackson-32
Mia Sgambellone as Astor/Katherine  |  Venmo: $MiaSgambellone
Charlie Johnson as Astoreth
Merlyn Q. Sell as Frescobaldi/Cardinal Caraffa

Gallathea by John Lyly | Zoom production

Welcome to our Zoom production of John Lyly’s delightful and strange Gallathea, streamed live in August 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring a lovely cast and production team, this production was our first foray into digital production.

Production Team

Director: Monica Cross
Music Director: Scott McKenna Campbell
Stage Manager: Bree Brand


(with their Venmo and/or CashApp tags, in case you want to send them a tip):
Saki Marie as Gallathea Venmo: @saki.marie
Sara Linares as Phillida CashApp: $araLinares Venmo: @Sara-Linares
Brett Sullivan Santry as Titerus/Alchemist
Nathan Pearce as Melebius/Ericthinis Venmo: @Nathan-Pearce-14
Robbie Diaz as Cupid/Peter
Cristina Palacio as Diana
Dee McBride as Venus/Ramia Venmo: @theDeeMcB
Timothy Fitch as Astrologer/Augur/Mariner Venmo: @Tim-Fitch-1
Maren Ericsson as Eurota/Dick Venmo: @Maren-Ericcson
Zachary Hanna as Telusa/Robin venmo: Zachary-hanna-97
Amanda Rogus as Rafe Venmo: @Amanda-Rogus
Logan Starnes as Neptune Venmo: @Logan-Starnes
Emily Garrison as Larissa/Hebe Venmo: @Emily-Garrison


We’re excited to share a season of dozens of performances and 15 separate productions of plays, hours, LIT tour offerings, and more.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare Plays provide an interactive play-going experience with live music prior to every show. Most shows feature an array of snacking and drinking options, some of which may constitute a light meal. This season’s offerings include SIX plays, including FOUR in Fayetteville and TWO in Raleigh. That’s right, we’re expanding to the Raleigh market.

Here’s a very exciting sneak peek: following 2018’s rousing run of Sweeney Todd, we’re headed back to Fayetteville Pie Company for a classic show that will knock your socks off.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours are an expanded version of STS’s famous preshow with a kick: an intimate, variety show with live music, original writing, guest artists, thought-provoking reflections, and to meet the overwhelming demand of our audience for more of our hallmark preshow fun. STS hours are a community gathering of story, song, and craft, featuring local beer, quality wine, a signature cocktail, and light meal options. (PG13 due to some adult language and alcohol consumption.)

LIT Performances are for adults, as they blend stripped-down Shakespeare plays with improv, games, and a relaxed, pub-like environment. Underage guests and anyone showing visible signs of intoxication will not be served. We maintain a friendly environment, so no verbal or physical rudeness will not be tolerated. This season’s offerings include our classic HamLIT plus four new titles.

Other Events are also offered throughout the year, including Green Tea youth company performances and our annual Christmas gospel concert, BEHOLD.

If you think all this sounds amazing, go ahead and score your season tickets today!