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You may inquire about auditions at: [email protected]

About casting…

Cast sizes for our shows are extremely limited. Casts will range from as small as 10 people to as large as 14 or so. We have, on average, about 35-60 people auditioning, so you can determine your odds accordingly. One of the deciding factors will be ease of schedule. If talent and fit for characters are equal (or even sorta close), preference will be given to the most available folks.
Most productions include physical intimacy, including kissing and touching, drinking, and stage violence. Much of what you’ll encounter in our shows is reasonably conventional, though in Shakespeare and other classic plays, there are mentions of things much more lurid. Occasionally, the more lurid things happen on stage, such as the intensely passionate sequences between Antony and Cleopatra, the rape of Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, or a scene featuring accidental (and hilarious) sex-act simulation in The Tempest. There’s booze all over the place on stage in some plays. And there’s a heap of violence, early modern swearing, and other things to which you might object.
All roles are subject to cross-gender casting, which may require the kissing and touching of a person of your sex. You can certainly tell us your discomfort with any or all mentions or enactments of any of these things, but know that if you object to participating in them, you may be limiting the number of roles for which you would otherwise be eligible. We do not edit plays for content. You will be limiting the number and kind of roles you are eligible for if you list *any* of these activities as something you’re not willing to engage in, however we will honor your requests should we decide to cast you in one of the other roles available.
Modest stipends are available for most shows.
Sweet Tea Shakespeare offers housing for out-of-town actors and directors in the form of home stays with dedicated friends or members of the company. Guest artists can expect a private room in the home of a respected member of the Fayetteville community. We can seek homes that satisfy any personal needs, such as a pet-free home. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests please email us at [email protected]weetteashakespeare.com.

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About Auditioning

You should expect a brief (up to 60 minutes or so), laid-back rehearsal process where our aim is to meet you, listen to how you handle language, and see how you handle a quick scene from the plays being performed.
Unlike many other auditions, we will rarely have you read for a specific part — of your interest or of ours — particularly at the beginning. We double and triple casts roles, so we’re interested in things like range, dexterity of language, and strength of the choices you’re making.
We are also very interested in your musical abilities, particularly the playing of acoustic instruments. Bring yours if you play.
Music and dance are required of all STS actors, though we are generally sensitive to your current skill level.