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All About the People

By Jennifer Czechowski, Sebastian in The Tempest

There are so many reasons that being a part of The Tempest is an incredible experience. The best thing about it, without a doubt, is the people with whom I have the privilege of working: castmates who are kind, supportive, hilarious, and, yes, great dancers in addition to being prodigiously talented; musicians who astound me with not only their talent and inventiveness but also their patience and grace; a stage manager who can build Easter Island heads out of cardboard and sheer will; a director with an incredible vision, who gives actors freedom to build and play and make choices while offering spot-on suggestions like “more Muppety” and “walk like a wistful sailor.” It is a privilege and a joy to spend so many rehearsal hours with people who are committed to bringing something beautiful and wonderful to the stage.

Rehearsals are hard work, but so much fun. We punctuate the intellectual workout of Shakespeare with taco breaks, songs that run the gamut from car dealership jingles to ‘90s R&B, bad puns, and impromptu dance-offs (the more inappropriate, the better). I look forward to rehearsal not only for the work, which I love, but for the sheer enjoyment of being with these people. I am grateful to have this opportunity not only to be a part of such a lovely, funny, hopeful play, but to be able to do it with this specific collection of people. I learn something fromthem at every rehearsal—even if it’s just how good they are at doing the Roger Rabbit.