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After Hours | Tulsa, Dogwhistles, and Hannibal

Rob and Jeremy recorded this episode after Trump’s Tulsa Rally.

They discuss the impact of a pandemic amidst the arts and local businesses, the choice of the Republican Party for Tulsa as the location for Trump’s Juneteenth Rally… and Hannibal!

Jeremy discusses how COVID has impacted North Carolina and local businesses

Rob acknowledges the predictions of the pandemic and reflects on how the government reacted

The mystifying ordeal of government propaganda in relation to entertainment programming

Rob reacts to Trump believing in conspiracy theories

What does being cautious in public spaces look like?

Trump in relation to the Sopranos

Performance metrics of the President

Implications of the choice of Tulsa for the Trump Rally in relation to Juneteenth and black history

Hannibal’s media boomlet and ways it changes the viewer

“All these people are not representing reality.”

“What’s interesting with Donald Trump is that…he’s one of the rubes!”

“It’s chum that you throw up for dumdums to eat…”

“And I thought, ‘Oooh this is icky!’”

“It moves from being human to being something else.”

“Anytime he said, ‘nobody knew’ that just meant, ‘I didn’t know.’”

“They write the story first and then they map it to reality.”

“He’s sort of shuffling with this Charlie Brown grimace.”

“Speaking of people being eaten alive!”

“[Mads Mikkelson] brings a sexiness to the part that makes it much more upsetting.”

“There is this dark sense of humor at all times.”

“I have a pretty high tolerance for pretension.”

Reference Links:

The Sopranos, Hannibal, More Tulsa Rally Info

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