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Sweet Tea Shakespeare was founded in 2012 with summer productions at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Since that time, the company has expanded into year-round operations in Fayetteville and Raleigh. Our offerings feature regular productions of Shakespeare’s plays, occasional musicals, concerts, streaming productions and small entertainments, a drunk Shakespeare series, and our young company, Green Tea.


Our work is inspired by our communities and the early modern tradition that helped to create Shakespeare. We carry that inspiration forward by creating simple, elemental, magical productions full of rich story, language, character, belonging, charm, and music. Our company is formed around the idea that its contributors shape where it goes. These contributors include our beloved artists, audiences, members, and partners. We’re continually inviting folks to our table to join the work. We’d love for you to join our story and help to shape it.


Sweet Tea Shakespeare is a community. Led by our board of directors and small staff, our community include company members, artists, volunteers, students of all ages, partners, & sponsors.

Our community evolves constantly. We welcome new members, contributors, and friends to join the work on an ongoing basis. Find out ways to join up on our Get Involved page.

Board of Directors

Taj Allen

Kellie Artis

Selena Beckman-Harned

Hillary Bogers

Kelcey Dudley

Gerard Falls

Greg Fiebig

Paula McCosh


Company Members

Joyce Borum Maker
Aaron Alderman Maker
Taj Allen Maker
Jeremy Fiebig Maker
Jacob French Maker
Traycie Kuhn-Zapata Maker
Nathan Pearce Maker
Tohry Petty Maker
Jen Pommerenke Maker
Dena Vassey Maker
Sana Moulder Maker
Andrew Gronski Fellow
Laura Parker Fellow
Christine Orozco Fellow
David Hoyer Fellow
Jessie Wise Fellow
Mary Margaret Hanna Wright
Stephanie Meador Wright
Jonathan Breitzer Wright
Evan Bridenstine Wright
Karen Williams Wright
Veronica Colon Wright
Liz Covington Wright
Hayley Philippart Wright
Linda Flynn Wright
Ris Harp Wright
Josann John Wright
Cerina Johnson Wright
Jessie Jones Wright
Lizzy Andrews Wright
Molly Malone Wright
Jane Moran Wright
Laurel Moran Wright
David Reid Wright
Mia Sgambellone Wright
Brad Dougherty Wright
Meghann Redding Wright
Deborah Happel Wright
Sarah Chapman Wright
Zech Williams Wright
Jessica Johnson Wright
Melissa McGinley Wright
Will Collier Journeyor
Emily Crowther journeyor
Jen Czechowski Journeyor
Hannah Duncan Journeyor
Amy Cox Journeyor
Heather Eddy Journeyor
Avis Hatcher-Puzzo Journeyor
Catherine Kelly Journeyor
Mary Mariyampillai Journeyor
Kate McCosh Journeyor
Kaley Morrison Journeyor
Marie Lowe Journeyor
Jen Czechowski Journeyor
Jessica Osnoe Journeyor
Ruth Nelson Journeyor
Nelson Soliva Journeyor
Cheleen Sugar-Ducksworth Journeyor
Gabe Terry Journeyor
Laura Voytko Journeyor
Staci Graybill Journeyor/Board
Medina Demeter Journeyor

Jessie Wise

Executive Director/CEO

Traycie Kuhn-Zapata

Artistic Director

Jeremy Fiebig

Director of Mission

Sana Moulder

Sana Moulder

Box Office Manager

Joel Wise

Technical Production Coordinator

Brian Adam Kline

Brian Adam Kline

Associate Producer


Director of Artist & Community Engagement