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We’ve got it going online and on stage. Sweet Tea Shakespeare invites you to connect, enjoy, and engage.

The Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours are our streaming, podcast, and preshow programs. The Hours offer a variety of encounters with Sweet Tea Shakespeare across a varie-tea of ideas, features, and adventures.

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Experience the Green Tea difference. Our ongoing youth programs aren’t your average enrichment activities. Participants become engaged members of the Sweet Tea Shakespeare company and community, setting goals and making a vision for their work a reality.

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Dido, Queen of Carthage

By Thomas Nash and Christopher Marlowe Aeneas, prince of the lost city of Troy and son of the goddess Venus, is aboard a ship bound for the North African coast when he becomes lost in a storm. The god Jupiter steps in and saves him by calming the seas, allowing Aeneas to land safely. At first, all seems well. Once […]

The Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours: Here Comes the Sun

Join Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s Assistant Artistic Director Claire F. Martin and the cast and crew of multiple Sweet Tea Zoom and audio productions for a reflection on what art looks like when the world is shut down, what hope for the future feels like, and some of the questions that we’ve all asked along the way. The Hours are only […]

Venice Preserv’d

By Thomas Otway Venice is rumbling. A corrupt Senate rules the city with an iron fist, while activists take to the streets in protest. Amidst political upheaval, the love affair between a young reformer named Jaffeir and the daughter of a Senator explodes into scandal. When Jaffeir’s friend invites him to join an underground resistance aimed at destroying the Senate […]

Join the Sweet Tea Shakespeare family.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare started as a dream.

A dream to bring the plays of Shakespeare alive for new audiences. To show those audiences that words penned 400 years ago are still relevant. A dream for characters to come alive and connect with audiences. The dream started small and has grown to serve thousands of theatre goers every year.

Shakespeare came from humble beginnings. The son of a glove-maker, he charted his own course by becoming a playwright (can you imagine that dinner conversation?). Shakespeare’s band of merry men was no larger than our own group of beloved actors. 12-15 passionate storytellers transforming the complex issues of their time and making them available for everyone.

We like small. We’re good at small. We’re good at stringing small things together and making the end product bigger than the sum of its parts. We put our shows up every night from the ground up – lights, music, sets, all of it. It looks daunting, but almost by magic, it happens.

Your gift to us is like that. Small is actually mighty. The Big Gift is always needed and very welcome, but we know that small gifts add up in big ways. 5 bucks a month turns into $60 a year which helps us keep the lights going. $10 per month magically turns into $120 per year which helps us get an actor from the Triangle back and forth to rehearsal. $50 per month is actually $600 per year, helping create costumes for actors. Your impact is real and tangible.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare takes small gifts and makes them big impact. Join our community today by clicking below or visiting us on Patreon.

Little but Fierce



$10 per month magically turns into $120 per year which helps us get an actor from the Triangle back and forth to rehearsal. In exchange for your kindness, and in addition to all previous perks, grab a lawn chair seat cushion at each performance on the house! (Subject to availability)

Tad But Triumphant



$40 becomes $480 per year and pays tuition for one of the members of our young company, Green Tea, as they meet monthly and work on an annual production. These students are the future of Sweet Tea Shakespeare and your support plants seeds for the future of our work.

Big Impact



$100 a month becomes $1200 per year and is a huge impact for Sweet Tea Shakespeare. From sponsoring directors and musicians to funding costumes to musical instruments, these foundational givers help Sweet Tea Shakespeare to make a major impact in our communities.