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No matter where you are in your life journey, no matter what’s brought you to us, no matter your background, you’re welcome at Sweet Tea Shakespeare. Shakespeare lover v. Shakes”Fear” loather, military/civilian, pro/amateur, republican/democrat, straight/gay, thanks/no thanks, rich/struggling, straight-laced/tattoos and piercings, perfectionist/playful, drinker/tea-totaller, wizened adult/hopeful kiddo — know that you are entirely welcome in our inclusive community. We believe everyone has something to contribute, and everyone has a need to recover together our shared humanity.

Together, we are creating a community that is compelling for artists and audiences of all ages. Whether it’s your first time here or you’re a longtime favorite, we want to make sure you feel the hallmark hospitality of Sweet Tea Shakespeare from the second you set foot in one of our many spaces. We value authenticity, kindness, connection, warmth, and belonging.

If you’re interested in plugging in to Sweet Tea Shakespeare, please connect with us using our volunteer/Company Member form below, joining us for auditions, contributing your musical talents, signing up to be a Patreon Member, joining our hardworking Board of Directors, signing up for our Green Tea youth apprentice company, or applying to be a contractor, staff member, or partner. Or just reach out to us via email.


We do great work & great play.

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